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We are a global, partnership , innovative network, and use the power of community. Solution-oriented for the satisfaction of our customers, to make life easier and more enjoyable.

How we work...

The following is our 4-step method for your investments

Market Analysis

Relevant factors in the areas of market & product location, construction projects and project developers that can have an impact on costs and revenues.


The supply and the resulting demand on individual projects, the corresponding product range at the respective location are decisive for the revenues that can be achieved with the project development.


The financing of our projects and the purchase of products are launched and generated through our website + international crowdfunding platforms.
In addition, if less money is raised through crowdfunding than planned, we increase our own financing share accordingly by taking on institutional partners.


The financing of one project - launch of products for B2B and B2C , is completed and already started with the implementation of the project Uniports shopping platform.
Since everything is already evaluated with the construction company , interior manufacturer, we need about 3 to 6 months to launch the Project , Unicorn Complex and welcome more customers here.

How we work...

Nothing left to chance by; long comprehensive market researches.

1Intensive Analysis

Our final project evaluation is done on our own responsibility, whereby we do not rely solely on our own know-how in the decision-making process, but additionally draw on the expertise of independent, specialized partners, who conduct numerous researches and analyze the resulting data and develop a concept from it.

2 Economic efficiency

For the question of whether a project will be profitable, the prime costs and procurement costs on the one hand and the revenues to be achieved on the other hand are decisive.
The project developer must establish the profitability of his project in the form of transparent plans and catalog them - this in the form of the following characteristics:

3 Market: target group and location

The supply and demand for corresponding projects, products at the respective location and the determination in advance of the target group and the portfolio of offers are decisive for the revenues that can be achieved with the project development.

4 Project - Planning and Execution

Here it concerns to illuminate the costs of the project in the apron the details, i.e.
Network plan for the temporal implementation track
- Determination of budget
- Definition of deviation

Reserve budget for unforeseen incidents/disruptions/no material Availability on the procurement market;
Dealing with price shifts/price increases.
These points do not claim to be exhaustive, but are intended to give the observer an indication of our approach.

5 Marketing

For the time being we are working with lean structures: We currently have three employees in marketing, five in sales and 3 in software development. Through freelancers and cooperations with (advertising) agencies, we bring additional know-how into the company without the fixed personnel costs getting out of hand.

Crowdfunding in Real Projects

Also known as "crowdsupporting" or in case of direct product reference "pre - selling".
The basic concept of this type of crowdfunding is similar to donation-based crowdfunding: Here, too, the focus is on promoting - often creative and innovative - projects.

However, the most important difference is the fact that the "investor" (often also referred to as "supporter") is defined a concrete consideration in the event of a funding commitment.
These "rewards" can take a wide variety of tangible or intangible forms, and their value and scope usually depend on the level of support.

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