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ClimaCoin Details

The ClimaCoin is a digital currency and is traded on established crypto exchanges.
What makes it "green":
The proceeds of the ClimaCoin are used to support environmental projects and thereby purchase CO2 certificates from green projects.
Compensated amounts of CO2 are assigned to each ClimaCoin. The ClimaCoin is not obtained through energy-intensive mining, but is only minted after depositing CO2 certificates.
The ClimaCoin runs on a proof-of-stake blockchain, which keeps the transaction costs very low (approx. 0.07kg CO2/transaction).

What makes the ClimaCoin so valuable?

The ClimaCoin offers a high value due to the stored CO2 certificates.
Since the ClimaCoin is only minted after the deposit of CO2 certificates, there is no risk of "diluting" the existing ClimaCoins.

ClimaCoin – Climate meets

Relieve the environment through commitment and blockchain technology. The ClimaCoin is a cryptocurrency that sets new and innovative standards by depositing CO2 certificates. In the fight against climate change, the ClimaCoin supports new technologies and environmental projects hand in hand.

We don't just promise, we act!

Our vision is to promote sustainable companies. By receiving these "green" CO2 certificates, we leave a climate-positive footprint.

CO2 Certificates

CO2 certificates are emission allowance certificates that have been issued by the Federal Environment Agency to registered industries or companies since 2005. They stand for a permitted amount of CO2 emissions. If more CO2 is emitted than permitted, the additional emissions must be paid for or CO2 certificates from other companies must be purchased as compensation.

Conventional digital currencies usually have no real, tangible value.

Your purchase of ClimaCoin is secured by CO2 certificates from our sponsored partners. The government's plans to use emissions trading to encourage CO2-negative industries to rethink are well on the way. The forecasts for the price development of CO2 certificates are going up sharply.

ClimaCoin Details

With your purchase, you directly support all projects that Clima4Future promotes and actively bind CO2. This is secured by CO2 certificates that Clima4Future receives through the funding. Our partners have been active for more than 40 years and produce locally. They build regional sustainable value-added cycles and are grateful for your help. The more people join us, the better for our future.

You are investing in a valuable digital currency
Digital currencies are a growing future market, but technical sustainability is not yet a really important issue in this industry.
By purchasing the ClimaCoin, you support the spread of sustainability in the digital space and at the same time ensure that sustainable financial products become more visible.

Use our many years of experience to your
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The ClimaCoin has been traded on the P2PB2B since January 15, 2022.

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Clima4Future supports companies and initiatives worldwide that strive for climate neutrality!
Support sustainable companies

Clima 4 Future supports companies and initiatives worldwide that are striving for climate neutrality or have already implemented it - such as the SEKEM initiative.
SEKEM has been creating a sustainable livelihood for the Egyptian population for several decades and makes an active contribution to environmental protection - by greening desert areas (

If you want to participate in climate protection, take advantage of our offers and benefit from future increases in value!

Clima4Future supports companies and initiatives worldwide that implement climate neutrality!

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