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Market outlook 2023

This year's trends are therefore not limited to culinary cuisine.

They go far beyond that and also bring a breath of fresh air into the guest room - our goal is - experience gastronomy to inspire trendsetters as well.

In addition, we are giving the good old equipment an urgently needed update in order to keep up with the times in terms of environmental protection and to respond to change.

Nowadays, it is increasingly important for guests to

to find everything under one roof, to feel comfortable, to relax and to get
away from it all - the fun factor must not be neglected.




Relax and feel good

Enjoy your stay at our pool bar.
We serve a wide selection of drinks and snacks.

Great variety

1.A service
at top prices
No.1 in Pattaya


Our guests will
from all over
the world

Feel Good

International. Cuisine
Fun factor

Our newly built Night Pub

Unique in Pattaya 4th floor with sea view our pub will be very popular with foreign as well as local


Life events

Are very popular with foreign and local guests - events - these are announced 2 weeks in advance and tickets launched in advance.
Thais love life music with famous superstars, we work together with an agency from Bangkok who also advertises for us.
Planned events every week 1 - flanking our regular guests are informed about all upcoming activities in time with a newsletter.


Cash-back in YEM

High Lite each guest receives their Unicorn debit card at the entrance, which can be loaded immediately with fiat currency or THB, all food and drinks are booked on it immediately after receipt and this in real time.
50% Digital Cash back credited in YEM.
The guest can immediately dispose of the YEM if they have a pernum / wallet with our partner company Unicorn Network.
Unicorn and Uniports already offer many products - YEM can be used for the purchase.


Unicorn is a trustworthy partner who supports you in achieving your goals.

We draw on numerous services, products and projects with local and international expertise, partners so that our business can grow at all levels.